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    How can I contribute my work through Content Space?

    Just register and initially send your work at [email protected] We will soon have an upload utility for your submissions.

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    How will I know the page views my work has accumulated?

    Content Space will provide a dashboard wherein you can track the performance of your submissions in terms of page views and the corresponding amount they have earned for a particular month. Initially, analytics reports from Google will be provided.
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    How much can I earn for a month?

    The rate is PHP 10 per 1,000 page views, and your total earnings will be based on the accumulated page views of all your submissions for a particular month. So the more articles, videos, photos you send, the better the chances you have in getting more page views, the more you can earn.
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    How many articles, videos or photos can I send?

    You can send as many as you want, but it depends upon the decision of the editor if it will be published or not. Thus, the emphasis on quality.
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    What should I submit?

    For guidance on what to submit, there will be assignments posted on the Content Space website and social media accounts for you to work on.
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    If I earn based on the page views of my work, does that mean I can earn in perpetuity?

    Based on our Terms of Use, you can earn from your submissions up to six months from the time of publication.
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    Can I pitch my own idea?

    Yes, you can e-mail us at [email protected] if you have any leads or pitches.
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    Will you edit my post?

    Yes, we’ll edit for clarity and conciseness that will be better understood and consumed by our audience. This would lead to higher reach and page views.
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    How can I collect my earnings?

    You can claim your earnings through checks issued by ABS-CBN at an indicated date and time when available.
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    Do I earn right away once I register?

    It depends. If you accumulate 50,000 page views from your work right away, you will become a CS Pro member thus having the privilege of earning. If not, you need to wait until you reach that milestone to earn.

    Important Note: You must issue Official Receipts (ORs) as freelancers when you start earning from Content Space. You can’t receive payment if you don’t have official receipts to issue. Please visit your nearest BIR office if you don’t have ORs.

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    Does this mean there is no limit to how much I can earn in a month?

    Yes, there is no limit. Your earnings depend on the limitless probability of how many page views your work can get.
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    How can I be sure my page view count is accurate?

    It is based on Google Analytics, the industry’s most accurate, dependable and trusted utility in monitoring Internet data traffic.
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    Can I submit work that was previously published?

    No. You must submit original, genuine work that was created for publishing exclusively on ABS-CBN.
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